About Pat Foster

I started weaving in 1977 on a four shaft loom, acquired my first eight shaft loom (a Louet) in 1995 and a 32 shaft computer-driven loom (Louet Megado) in 2002. I now use a Schacht Mighty Wolf as much as I can as it is such a pleasure to use. I weave lengths of fine silk and have had yardage accepted three times (2012, 2014, 2016) by a prestigious juried exhibition in America (Convergence). Several other pieces have been exhibited in the UK and USA.

My goal is to weave unique pieces which can be made into clothing such as tailored jackets, waistcoats, etc. I do weave scarves but regard them as samples to try out newly created patterns. I have woven a number of double width blankets using hand-spun yarn supplied by friends who spin. To enable me to achieve the designs I want, I took up dyeing my yarn in the 1990s so that I could get an exact match to the colour of yarn I want for a specific design. Until recently, I taught weaving and dyeing and produced many handouts some of which can be downloaded in the download section.

I have contributed a section to a book on fan reed weaving which was published by Schiffer, USA, in 2017. I also was responsible for the production and editing of a book "The Draughts of Jeremiah Fielding". Details are available here.

My blog can be found at https://purpledonsu.blogspot.com/